There are several new works of museum display work now. Projects with the San Diego natural History Museum included a 23' seacow, a nine foot long brontothere, and juvenile animals of both types. Each piece began with sketches, and were then sculpted as maquettes.

Museum pieces are often cast in fiberglass, or polyurethane resin and painted to look like live animals. On each of these, I did extensive research, conferred with paleontologists, and was critiqued during the sculpting.

The large seacow was sculpted in foam at life size to fit the skeleton as posed and mounted by a company working for the museum. This meant the maquette was only a rough guide.


For the other pieces the maquettes were much more important in guiding the development of the final pieces.

The baby brontothere went through the most unique process. He was sculpted as a small clay maquette, then laser scanned to a computer file. I did some massaging of the shape on the computer, then sent the 3D file to be machined in foam lifesized.

The foam was refined, then sealed, and a layer of clay was sculpted onto it where I developed his details like eyelids, nose, mouth, and feet. The figure was reproduced in fiberglass, and as a final touch a layer of fur was sculpted onto his figure in epoxy before painting.

    Seacow Construction   Seacow Sketch  
Seacow skin being fit to skeleton
Seacow sketch prior to sculpting

  H. cuestae    
    Seacow at SDNHM  
Seacow at SDNHM
    Nighttime view of the seacow just prior to completion. Note the orange "lift" visible in the bottom of the image. Also the ribs and right shoulder blade are still waiting to be placed.   One of the preliminary sketches of the seacow exhibit. It shows the skeleton visible from the right side of the animal in a 1/2 and 1/2 display.  
    Seacow   Seacow  
Seacow viewed from 2nd floor in atrium
Studio during construction of the San Diego exhibit pieces
Brontothere in Eocene diorama
Brontothere during painting
    baby brontothere    
Juvenile brontothere after painting
Juvenile brontothere
Baby brontothere in front of Eocene diorama
Baby seacow during painting
    Juvenile Seacow    
Baby seacow during painting
Baby seacow installed