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William Monteleone - Natural History Sculptor.
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Some Notes on Lost Art


I used to say that sculpture could be seen as becoming a "lost art" in this era of computer generated special effects. Well, color me converted. Now I view the computer as merely another media to sculpt with, and I love it. I'm happy to say that in bronze, fiberglass, or pixels, the quality of the work has everything to do with the artist, and the media is merely the instrument of expression.

New sections include Lost Art Digital, which shows off computer models and animations I've created. Recent Sculpture which includes work I did last year for the San Diego Natural History Museum, plus new photos of my process, and works underway.

The Lost Art Gallery now contains five separate galleries, each one highlighting a theme of my natural history art. I've added a digital section to the gallery to show off some of my latest works.

The Lost Wax page explains how bronzes are cast. The Lost Worlds page has been updated with current links to resources and other sites of interest.